HomeGrown Farms seeks to make an impact in the best way we can – at the lowest, most grassroots level. Our plan is to provide fresh, local, and sustainable produce in South Jersey and beyond. 

We want to grow fresh herbs and vegetables without pesticides or herbicides, in an organic-certified facility. Our vertical farming model is a closed system, which keeps produce safe from bugs and independent of sun and rain. We will be using 90% less water than conventional farms, and 80% less fertilizer. What would normally take an acre of land, we can do in 320 square feet. We will be delivering our delivery in a 30-mile radius, and will be delivering faster and fresher to our customers. Our plants will grow faster than ever due to our consistent and constant lighting system, leading to a high-yield with a greater turnaround for more personal deliveries. From kale and lettuce to cilantro and lemongrass, HomeGrown Farms will bring our customers the freshest and cleanest variety of produce. And the best of all – we will do all of this year-round.