The Team

Executive / Parth Chauhan

Parth serves as the driver behind the vision of HGF. As the CEO, he knows where we are, and where we need to be to get the freshest, most local produce to our consumers. He converts contacts into sales, and grows our trusted network of advisors. Parth catalyzes the growth of the company from ideas into actions.

Operations / Zeel Patel

Zeel is the backbone of the company, serving as the link between management and staff. He connects the leaves, roots, and seeds, and gets things where they need to be. As COO, Zeel makes things happen, ensuring funding is being allocated correctly and that HGF is on track to grow across the United States. 

Science/ Pranav Kaul

HGF was created as a for-profit social venture that aims to Grow Local and Eat Local. Pranav is our Expansion Manager and ensures we always stay true to our roots – he keeps HGF ready to expand into new markets, such as DC, and liaisons with the new clients and opportunities in these cities.