Fresh greens and herbs for your customers, even in the harshest of winters...produce that has traveled less than 30 miles and was picked only the night before. 

HomeGrown Farms seeks to grow the freshest and most delicious vegetables by combining sustainable farming techniques with cutting-edge technology and efficiency. We are a group of local South Jersey farmers who want to supply healthy, organic, and chemical-free produce to our home region.

HomeGrown Farms will work with you in supplying your herb and produce needs year-round. No longer will you have to depend on complex, environmentally-unfriendly supply chains to bring cilantro from Florida or lettuce from California. HomeGrown Farms is located in Camden County, New Jersey, and will deliver fresh to your door!

Our innovative growing systems use zero pesticides or herbicides, and operate on just 10% of the water used in conventional farming systems. Join the future of sustainable, local, and environmentally-friendly farming!